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The preferred way of installing Icinga Web 2 is to use the official package repositories depending on which operating system and distribution you are running. But it is also possible to install Icinga Web 2 directly from source.

Installing Requirements

  • A web server, e.g. Apache or nginx
  • PHP >= 5.3.0 w/ gettext and OpenSSL support
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL PHP libraries when using a database for authentication or storing user preferences into a database
  • LDAP PHP library when using Active Directory or LDAP for authentication
  • Icinga 1.x w/ Livestatus or IDO, Icinga 2 w/ Livestatus or IDO feature enabled

Installing Icinga Web 2 from Source

Step 1: Getting the Source First of all, you need to download the sources. Icinga Web 2 is available through a Git repository. You can clone this repository either via git or http protocol using the following URL, or can download from here:icingaweb2-06d9e41.tar.gz


Step 2: Install the Source Choose a target directory and move Icinga Web 2 there.

mkdir /usr/share/icingaweb2
tar -zxvf icingaweb2-06d9e41.tar.gz
mv icingaweb2 /usr/share/icingaweb2

Step 3: Configuring the Web Server Use icingacli to generate web server configuration for either Apache or nginx.

cd /usr/share/icingaweb2


./bin/icingacli setup config webserver apache --document-root /usr/share/icingaweb2/public

Save the output as new file in your webserver's configuration directory.

Step 4: Preparing Web Setup

Because both web and CLI must have access to configuration and logs, permissions will be managed using a special system group. The web server user and CLI user have to be added to this system group.

Add the system group icingaweb2 in the first place.

addgroup --system icingaweb2

Add your web server's user to the system group icingaweb2:

usermod -a -G icingaweb2 www-data

Use icingacli to create the configuration directory which defaults to /etc/icingaweb2:

./bin/icingacli setup config directory

When using the web setup you are required to authenticate using a token. In order to generate a token use the icingacli:

./bin/icingacli setup token create

In case you do not remember the token you can show it using the icingacli:

./bin/icingacli setup token show

Step 5: Web Setup

Visit Icinga Web 2 in your browser and complete installation using the web setup: /icingaweb2/setup

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